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You may be asking yourself who are websitedesigns.co.nz and how can we help you, our goal is quite simple we want show you how to build a great looking website with the Wordpress or Joomla content management systems and provide valuable information on the best web hosting services for your website. 

We pride ourselves on providing you the very best information that we can about the most reliable web hosting providers for your New Zealand website, we do all the hard work for you from researching the hosting providers uptime, server speeds and most importantly how each web hosting provider handles there customer support.

Why is a web hosting providers customer support so important, well even with the very best web servers and the latest hardware available there will be at some point that you will run into a problem of some sort with your hosting account and it is the ability and speed of the web hosting providers support team to respond to and fix that problem for you.

From the research that we perform on each of the web hosting providers that we list on our website we gather the most important information about each hosting service and then write our own independent web hosting reviews about each of the hosting providers performance and give them a rating out of ten which indicates how each performed in our research.

As mentioned earlier our goal is to provide you with a selection of the most reliable web hosting services available anywhere in the world and we run this website as a business, we are experienced webmasters and use our experience and knowledge with web hosting services and providers in such a way as to help you make an informative decision for your web hosting services so that you have a great online experience.

We not only provide you with the very best information on a great selection of web hosting providers we also list the very best web hosting discounts offered by these web hosting providers along with tutorials, webmaster guides and a whole host of other information gathered together in out website management blog.

So please take the time and look around and take in all the information we have provided for you and when you need web hosting at a great price you can help us out by clicking on one of the special links on the recommended web hosting page, web hosting reviews page or on the web hosting discounts page and help support our website at no extra cost to you.