Windows Or Linux Web Hosting

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linux or windows web hostingWindows or Linux website hosting, most of the hosting providers offer both these servers and the operating systems contained with in them, and for the most part both systems perform much the same tasks as each other.

But there are differences between the two systems, when you purchase a shared hosting plan from any of the hosting providers, you are on a Linux system.

Linux is the most cost effective operating system as the software that runs Linux is open source and there for free to the end user, so the hosting provider does not need to pay for a license to use the operating system on there servers.

The end result is a very cost effective hosting plan for your website as the hosting providers can offer very low prices for the shared hosting, Linux is often used with other hosting types like VPS and dedicated servers. 

When you think of a Windows operating system you automatically think of your personal computer as most computers run on a Windows operating system, but just because your computer runs on a windows system, you do not need a Windows hosting service for your website, all computers manufactured today are able to communicate with Linux or Windows servers on your hosting account.

The main differences between a Linux server and a Windows server is how the two operating systems write there pages, both operating systems work with HTML and Javascript however the suffix used on the file names are different Linux uses .html where Windows is .htm, there are differences in upper case and lower case as well, Linux is sensitive to upper and lowercase in the file names and will only retrieve the url if you use the correct capitalization, Windows does not care if you use the correct upper or lowercase in the file and will still retrieve the url. 

The only circumstances where you will need to purchase a Windows hosting plan is when your website is built on and is using specific Windows technology developed by Microsoft, not when your computer is running Windows, so a Windows server is only required for a specific application where you are using ASP.NET which is an open source framework designed to build dynamic web pages with in a website, all other websites only require a Linux based operating system.