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Which Type Of Web Hosting Do I NeedFor new webmasters finding the right web hosting plan can seem daunting at first as there are so many hosting providers offering an array of plans from shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers and cloud hosting they all have there place for different reasons.

Each and every website requires a hosting service that will fit there websites needs, and also you may need a web hosting plan that can allow you to grow your website should you require in the future.

The best way of selecting the right hosting plan is knowing what you need before you start, and the first thought needs to be about your website, what are you planning to do with your website, will you be starting a new blog and maybe adding a forum at some stage.

A large percentage of startup websites will only require a shared hosting plan, a shared plan is the most cost effective solution for websites for small blogs, community websites, startup businesses that are not selling goods online and other small website ventures, you need to remember you can always up grade to a higher plan should your website needs change in the future, we recommend Siteground for all your web hosting needs visit Siteground or read our independent Siteground review and see for your self.

With shared hosting you need to decide if you require more than one domain to run on the servers as some plans allow only one website to run while others will allow several, shared hosting is the least reliable of the hosting services. 

For most businesses running a static website for example a plumber or an electrician advertising there services in a local area you need a reliable hosting solution, so you would likely choose a VPS hosting service, you will get a reliable server environment a fast server speed and you have a little room to grow in the future, you will however pay more than a shared hosting plan.

When your business is going to be selling goods online or you are a corporate venture with several offices worldwide, you will be expecting a high traffic flow through your website, you need the most secure environment for your customers safety while purchasing goods online and you need plenty of room to grow later on.

There are two options for eCommerce stores or for corporate ventures, the first is a dedicated server the most secure and reliable hosting service available, you will get the latest features and the fastest server speeds you will also be paying a premium price for a dedicated server as this is a quality hosting service, the second option is Cloud hosting and like a dedicated server you get great reliability and fast server speeds at a lower price, your website files are stored on multipliable servers around the world, when a web page is requested the server nearest the customer deploys the files so you get a fast page speed, cloud hosting is ideal for online shops selling goods around the world and for large businesses, cloud hosting is also fully scalable to allow any type of growth in the future.