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Web Hosting Knowledge BaseFor new webmasters looking for a great web hosting provider there are numerous questions that need to be answered, there are certain terms that you need to fully understand in order to get the best from your web hosting services.

This knowldge base will help you to understand the terminology used by web hosting providers all over the globe so you can have a great online experience.

Managed Hosting

When looking for a web hosting service you need to know the difference between a fully managed web hosting account and an unmanaged account, managed accounts are updated and maintained by the web hosting provider.

All shared hosting plans are fully managed, VPS and dedicated servers can be purchased in fully a managed state or unmanaged state where you need to perform server maintenance and updates your self there is a cost saving on unmanaged accounts but these plans are for experienced webmasters only.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that is uploaded or downloaded by a browser when someone visits your website, some hosting providers set an unlimited amount of bandwidth with there hosting plans but there will always be a set limit if the servers are over loaded, you will need a large bandwidth when you are selling downloadable products like online videos or large image files over the internet.


Diskspace or data storage space is the set amount of Gigabytes or Terabytes that you purchase with your web hosting plan, usually shared hosting plans will provide the least amount of disk space while the more expensive VPS and dedicated servers will allow more storage space, storage or data space will only be a concern with large ecommerce websites and online video and image sales, most hosting providers allow ample storage space for the average website.


A database is where all your websites files are stored, these files are arranged into tables and columns in specific order so that the information can be retrieved and updated as required, with any data base it is very important that the data base is backed up at regular intervals, so that if your data base is ever corrupted or hacked you have a backup to restore your website from.


The CPanal is software that is supplied with any fully managed hosting account, your cpanal allows access to a large amount of online tools that a are designed to update your website files, take automated data back ups of your website, install SSL certificates, provide one click installers for popular content management systems like Joomla and Wordpress and set up business and website email accounts, with an unmanaged hosting account they usually do not provide a cpanal you need to provide one for your self.

Domain Name Server

The domain name server is a data base of all the domain names that exist on the world wide web which are stored on a server, your domain name is like a phone number on the internet every domain name is unique and allows your website to be found along with millions of other websites on the internet, the domain name server translates the readable domain names into an ip address that your browser and computor can understand, when you buy a new domain name it needs to be pointed to your web hosts server so that your websites files can be retrieved when some one searches online for your website.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates play an important role in todays world wide web, SSL stands for secure socket layer and is a mechanism to provide a secure environment across communication networks like the internet, you can see if a website is secure by looking at the top left side of your browser where the url of the website is there will be a green padlock indicating that any transaction through the website is encrypted and secure, SSL certificates are a very important addition to any website that allows online payments.