Web Hosting For Your Online Shop

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Web Hosting For Your Online ShopStarting an online shop can be more work than most people think and to get started you first need a website, and a website needs hosting this where you your website files will be located, your website is loaded onto a server and this server is what sends out the web page that your customers request when they search the internet for a product or service that you are selling.

You need to choose the right hosting plan with the required features that you need to get your online shop up and running, choosing your web hosting service is a very important decision for the future success of your online shop.

There are four main types of web hosting services that you need to know about, each service has advantages and disadvantages, shared hosting refers to a server that is host to many websites.

Your website is hosted on a partition within the server and you share the resources with the other websites on the server, this allows the hosting companies to offer shared hosting at an affordable price, however with all these websites sharing the same server environment this makes shared hosting not ideal for an online shop.

The next step up is VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server, with this type of hosting you get a slice of a server that seperated from other websites but you still share the resources, while VPS is much faster and more reliable than shared hosting it is still not very suitable for a large online shop, VPS is great for a small business website that do not not sell goods online or an online forum or large blog, VPS hosting is more expensive than a shared hosting plan as the features supplied with the VPS plan are more advanced.

Dedicated servers are by there design the best hosting environment for your online shop, a dedicated hosting plan is considerably more expensive than a shared or VPS plan, with a dedicated server your website is the only website loaded onto the server, you get the best page loading speed available and also the most secure hosting available, dedicated servers provide the most comprehensive range of features available and are suitable for small online shops all the way up to the largest of any online shop.

The second type of hosting service that is suitable for an online shop but less expensive than a dedicated server and still retains a reliable and fast hosting environment is Cloud hosting, Cloud hosting consists of a bunch of servers at different locations around the world, when you upload your website to the servers all your files are stored on each server in the cloud, this has two advantages if a server goes down your website will remain online and the web pages served by the other servers in the cloud, when a page is requested the page is served from the closest server to the website visitor giving you a very fast loading time for your website cloud hosting is less expensive than a dedicated server. we recommend Siteground for all your web hosting needs