Siteground Back And Restore

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siteground backup Siteground provides many great features for there customers and one great feature is Siteground backup and restore, backing up your website is one of the most important tasks for any website large or small.

Back ups should be performed regularly and more so when you have altered any content or added new content like articles, or you have performed any SEO work within the content management system.

You can use components like Akeeba back up ,and run the backup your self, but the easy and more reliable way is automated backups through your Cpanal

Managing back ups through Siteground back up and restore could not be any easier, the back ups are fully automated and run a back up every 24hrs, Siteground back up and restore can be accessed from Cpanal, just login and navigate to the backups manager and click on the backup tool.

The interface is easy to use, on the left you can select any dates that are highlighted in blue, select the date you want to restore from and the panal will light up, you have a choice of full account restore, individual files restore, database restore or email restore. 

The interface also allows you to run a backup on demand, say you have added new articles and have spent hours at the computer typing, the last scenario you want to happen is to lose all your hard work that you have achieved through out the day, all you need to do is login to Cpanal go to the backups manager and backup tool navigate to create backup, name your backup for referencing at a later date should you need to restore and click on create backup it is really that easy, you now have the latest backup of your website. view Siteground Shared hosting plans.