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How To Create A Website

Trying to figure out how to install your new website can be very daunting at first, but once you know where to start the process is really straight forward and you will be up and running your new website in a short amount of time.

Automated Installers

Most of the more well known hosting services provide a one click install in your hosting account for both Joomla and for Wordpress, these auto installers will create the data base and the username and automatically install the content management system for you.

The automated installation process that follows is described for a Wordpress or Joomla automated installation, the choice of a Joomla website or a Wordpress website is up to the individual, an explanation of both content management systems can be found here Wordpress or Joomla.

Installing Your Website

When you have registered for your new Siteground web hosting account log into your account, and click on websites at the top of the page, then click on new website and a new page will open.

The next step is to register your domain name, you have three choices to register a new domain, use an existing domain or create a temporary domain, if you do not already own your own domain name we highly recommend that you purchase one now so that your new domain name is already pointed to the Siteground server as this will save you more work later on in the process.


wordpress installation


Next step is to select new domain name this will register a new domain selected by you or existing domain that you already own, fill in the required information in the drop down box and click continue.

A new window will open here you select start a new website or migrate an existing website to your Siteground server, if you already have an existing website with another host select migrate website and follow the instructions, to start a new Wordpress website select start new website.


create wordpress website


You will be presented with the automatic installers if you are starting a Wordpress website select Wordpress and create your installation details, enter your email address and password note the password for use later on, and click continue.

Next you can choose if you need SG Site scanner for a small amount each year the scanner will check your websites files for malware or hacking and automatically notify you when there has been a breach.


create a new website


The final step to your new website is one click away, select continue and the automated installer will create a new data base and user for your account, if you purchased your domain name from Siteground you will be good to go.

If you purchased your domain elesewhere you will need to point the DNS records to the Siteground servers , you can now visit your websites control panal by selecting site tools or vist your live website by entering your domains url into a browser.


wordpress website

Wordpress Dashboard

Now that you have Wordpress installed you can design the website the way you want it to look, there are hundreds of wordpress themes available at Template Monster our recommended theme provider premium themes provide more scope and features for designing a fantastic looking website.

To make changes to your wordpress website you need to login to your wordpress dashboard using the username and password you used to set up the wordpress installation earlier on, the dashboard is where you can design your websites layout and add content and plugins from.

Changing a wordpress theme has no effect on your websites content, your articles, images and other content remain the same when you change to a different theme just the layout and feel of the website changes, so you can change a theme as many times as you require. 

Themes And Templates

When you are installing a third party Joomla template or quickstart package like the ones available at Template Monster, these templates are required to be manually installed with out the use of the automated installers please read our guide on installing Joomla Templates manually

With a Wordpress website changing the look of your website is as easy as just changing the the Wordpress Theme, the new theme will not effect your content but change the layout of the website for a fresh new look

Website Design

Now that you have installed your content management system you need to structure and design your website to attract visitors, website design basics include populating the website with relevant content, adding menu structure to easily navigate your website and search engine optimization, please read our guide on basic website design 

Administration Panal

Access your websites administration panal using the username and password you used to install the content management system for a wordpress website this is (, and for a Joomla website ( here you will find the control panal for your website.

The control panal gives you access to all the tools needed to setup your websites content, here you can write articles, install components, install modules used for displaying content and install plugins that help to create content and keep the website running effectively.

Modules, Plugins And Componants 

For Joomla websites extensions are where you can edit installed templates, modules and plugins that all work together to effectively run your joomla website, extensions are also where you can install these plugins and modules along with components to run a joomla website.

A great place to find new extensions and components for Joomla websites is the Joomla extensions directory, here you can shop for the extensions needed for your website some extensions are provided for free while others are a premium product.

For Wordpress websites these are called plugins and give you access to install blogs, payment gateways for ecommerce websites, login forms, email contact forms and a host of other great software for Wordpress websites there are hundres of plugins available for wordpress websites some are free while others are premium at a cost, a great place to shop for Wordpress plugins is


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