How Does A Website Builder Work

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How Does A Website Builder WorkHow does a website builder work we will explain the purpose of a website builder and how to build your own website with one, are Looking to build a new website for your blog, personal website or maybe that new business website and left wondering where do i start

This question is common for beginner webmasters trying to work out how to go about building your own website from scratch with out the need to employ expensive web design experts.

Website Builders or page builders have been around for a while now, you may of heard about them through various means but have no idea how they work and how you can build a great looking website with one, there are a few website builders that we can recommend Weebly site builder is great for most types of websites from online blogs to small business websites, and when you want to venture into online sales Shopify Website Builder is a great choice.

These website builders are integrated software provided by the companies that run them, Weebly and Shopify are one stop shops providing domain name purchases, web hosting and website page builders all located in one convenient location on a single account, you choose a domain name suited to the website you intend to build then purchase a web hosting plan to suit your websites needs and all the tools, plugins and templates required to build your website are provided on your account.

The website builders or page builders are really easy to use, to start off you choose a template from the selection which is usually already populated with information and images suited to the theme you choose, you can rewrite the information provided to best suit your own needs and replace the images with your own as needed

Then you can select plugins and widgets for contact forms, price lists and also search engine optimization tools to better enhance your online visability, you can drag and drop these modules around the template to suit your needs.

So who will get the most benefit from these online website builders, beginner webmasters will benefit the most from Weebly page builder they just make building a website so easy and is also a great way to learn the basics along the way

For beginner and seasoned webmasters looking to start there own eCommerce store you can benefit from using the Shopify platform every thing you will ever need from payment portals to calulated shipping costs are provided to get your online shop up and running with the least amount of stress, we have provided independent reviews on both these platforms below.