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Hostpapa are relatively new to web hosting, they were founded back in 2006 and there main office is located in Canada but also have data centres in the United States, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

You have a great choice as where to host your website depending on the country you are in or the country where you want to target with your website.

Hostpapa have made a name for themselves as an eco-friendly company that is concerned about the environment around them.

They currently host over 500,000 websites around the world and they cater for beginner webmasters looking for a cost effective solution for web hosting, however they will cater for any website or business no matter how small or large, when you sign up with Hostpapa you will get a free domain name of your choice 90 day money back guarantee, unlimited website traffic and 24/7 technical support.

As we pointed out earlier Hostpapa are geared towards providing a cost effective solution to beginners so they focus on there shared hosting to offer a great shared platform, there starter plan includes a free domain name, 100GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

There business shared plans include unlimited data storage, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited bandwidth and a few advanced features like a site builder and a choice of templates to set up your first website with ease.

As Hostpapa are looking for a cost effective solution for a wide range of there customers they also provide VPS hosting for people that want more performance and advanced features from there hosting account than the shared hosting can provide them visit Hostpapa website.

VPS hosting is great for larger businesses and professionals or websites with large amounts of traffic that need a little more control over there hosting environment, there are three VPS hosting plans available the starter plan allows 50GB of data and 1TB of bandwidth and as the price increases so does the available resources.

The great advantage with a Hostpapa account is that you can take care of all your hosting, domain name purchase and build your website all in the one place and through one account, this makes life a little easier for beginner webmasters as the whole process can get overwhelming when you are just starting out.

Hostpapa New Zealand

There website builder has over 100 responsive templates to choose from, you get a free template when you sign up but the free one is limited in what can be achieved however you can choose a premium template should you need one.

So who would purchase a Hostpapa account, they provide a cost effective hosting solution that would suit a large variety of websites from the beginner just starting out and needs a little guidance along the way to business websites and customers that would need more performance than a shared hosting account would provide.

You can build your own website through your account access and you get 24/7 customer support through online chat should you need help at anytime and you can scale up your hosting account should you need more resources at any time. Check out Hostpapa plans in the link below.